Getting Ready

The time is quickly approaching for Olive Grove Family Adventure and there are many things to do to make sure you’re ready for your five days with us. We suggest you take a look at our packing list, make sure you’ve made proper reservations, and be ready for a fun time with new and old friends.

Word Studies

Each year, we have a special theme from the Bible that drives our discussions, devotionals, and growth. This year the theme is “Rooted” staying rooted in what is important in the midst of the earthquakes and changing tides of life. You will receive a booklet, and songbook to take home with you after Olive Grove. This year we will be focusing most of our attention on the writings of Matthew and Paul in the New Testament and the imagery of being rooted in Christ. You may find it helpful to begin reading the book of Colossians 2:6-10 and Matthew 13:1-9. Consider this short reading list of Bible verses and stories regarding roots.


We have a unique rotation this year of electives that should allow you to try out many of our different activities. Upon arrival you will be asked to sign up as a family or group to join in different activities. Some of the planned events include:

Water World – adventures with kayaks and snorkels at the beach

Archery – Learning to use a bow and arrow and taking aim at targets

Krafty Kreations – Arts and crafts for the person who is inspired by the beauty of our setting and location.

Super Survivors – A place for those of you who love to explore the great outdoors and practice survival skills while enjoying God’s great creation.